MIss Ghana crown by Emefa Jewellery


Miss Lux crown by Emefa Jewellery

The Sankofa Bird by Emefa Jewellery at Natioal Theatre

ATAG Bazar exhibition at Trade fair

Aburi Girls visits, 2017

Wesley Girls visits, 2013

Reps from Kelly school of Business, Indiana visits

Time with Miss Tourism 2015

Miss Tourism Runner Up Crown by Emefa Jewellery

Miss Tourism Winner Crown by Emefa Jewellery

Nyakrom school visits during their SRC Week

Aburi Girls visits, 2015

Ahantaman SHS visits

Islamic Girls SHS, Nsawam visits

Methodist High visits, 2014

Wesley Girls visits, 2015

Wey Gey Hey visits, 2014

Time with Fashin Insider

Time with Art and Soul